Meet Matthew!

Matthew is our Director of Media for Trojan Shelter. He is a senior at USC studying Communication with an emphasis in Policy and Advocacy and minoring in Communication Design. He is also getting a progressive Masters Degree of Studies in Law.

As both a communication scholar and graphic designer, Matthew loves experimenting with design and typography to create creative social and political graphics and messages. He loves cooking for friends, practicing calligraphy, and watching TV. He also loves writing about complex social issues. Although Matthew’s dream is to work in policy reform and contribute to institutional change, he also wants to be involved in non-profit and grassroots organizations as change needs to come from every sector. He is part of Trojan Shelter because, as he was born and raised in Los Angeles, he has seen the homelessness issue only grow, and wants to see what he can do to help alleviate the issue.

View his work at matthewjosephlee.com!

Contact Matthew at media.trojanshelter@gmail.com